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IBIZA WELLNESS - Guide to Wellness on Ibiza  

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Guide to wellness on Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and probably due to its beauty beyond words the island became a refuge to those seeking freedom and transformation and wish to release their every day stress.
Therapists and practitioners from all religions and believes reside in Ibiza to guide their guests in their search for physical and spiritual wellness during various retreats on the island.

A wide variety of beauty treatments, sometimes very particular, can be experienced, not only to improve your skin condition. A rejuvenation retreat is one option to feel better and younger.
Make-Up Artists and Hairstylists are available as
s are the necessary hair and beauty salons.

Some therapies are only available in the summer period but each year more wellness treatments are available in Ibiza, all year round.
Beauty, Spa and Yoga retreats, in beautiful locations, are available to unwind and relax, and get rid of blockages and stress. There is a wide range of holistic treatments and therapies available to choose from, such as different sorts of beauty treatments, massages, yoga and therapies.

Fitness, sports and nutritional advices by a personal trainer to get
your body and condition back in shape
Holistic healing retreats, therapies & workshops
Ayurvedic courses, treatments and holidays
Spiritual holidays, filled with courses and workshops
Mystical holidays filled with meditations for spiritual enlightenment
Hatha, Iyengar, Flow, Kundalini, Power, Vinyasa, Quantum, Ashtanga & Acro Yoga
Dance and Moving Retreats & Therapies
Shamanistic Men and Women Retreats
Tachyon Vertical Reality Trainings and Workshops
Yoga Holidays Trainings, Workshops & Retreats
Fasting Detox retreats & workshops
Meditation Retreats
Weight loss Retreats
Ibiza provides it all, and much, much more......

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